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We help hundreds of talented people/teams
connect with their Chinese fans globally

Here's how we do it 👇

Social Media Management

We've launched + managed 700+ channels across Chinese platforms. This is the MOST out of any 3rd party agency in the space, by far. The primary platforms we work on are WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu (RED), Bilibili, NetEase Music, QQ Music, and Kugou Music. We have amazing relationships with these teams where all provide a direct line of support, marketing support, and invitations to all platform-specific campaigns.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys
Radii Press

Backstreet Boys exclusive WeChat Live concert announcement

💰 Executive produced a multi-million dollar live stream concert in partnership with WeChat (1.3B+ users / China's everything tool) reaching 45M+ viewers - READ MORE HERE.

📈 Our team leveraged the WeChat concert to breathe new life into BSB's iconic digital presence and resonance throughout China and in turn, doubled their social following.

👀 Doubling their social following allowed us to reach 100's of millions of views across 5 different social channels.

👑 While they're taking a short break today, their engagement rates and follower count surpassed the average for Western artists or bands, highlighting a strong presence within the Chinese market. They are among the most influential Western artists/ bands on Chinese social media platforms.

Imagine Dragons.jpg
Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

🤝 Interscope (Universal Music Group) brought us into the ID project in 2020 to capitalize on the 1M+ followers the band already had on QQ Music (Tencent) and the thousands of UGC they had on Douyin (TikTok of China) despite not having an account.

🚀 We quickly dove in by launching the accounts for the band. Today, Imagine Dragons is one of the most-followed Western bands across Chinese socials.

👑 In only 1 year, their Douyin account (TikTok of China) grew to 1M+ followers putting them in the ranks alongside Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan, and Will Smith (Western talent with Douyin followings @ 1M+)

Imagine Dragons Douyin (TikTok of China w/ 800M+ users) launch that catapulted them to 50K+ followers within 12-hours.

Jake Miller.jpg
Jake Miller

Jake Miller

Jake Miller

Jake Miller's China tour recap video showcases the love he has for his fans.

💵 Today, China is one of Jake Miller's Top 3 revenue-generating markets in the world.

🚀 When we dove into Jake's project, he had 0 social channels and unverified DSP channels. In our first year of working with him, we grew his channels by 100k+ followers.

📣 We landed him banner placements, opening app ads, covers on major social channels, interactions with top Chinese celebrities, and KOL's and so much more.

Are you ready to activate the largest market in the world?

Jessica Chastain.jpg
Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

🤝 Some clients, like Jessica, just want one or two major channels to reach their fans in China. 

🍿 In Jessica's case, that was Weibo, especially during the promotion of her film The 355 alongside one of China's leading celebrities, Fan Bingbing.

🌟 Jessica is a superstar in China and the rest of the world. What most people don't know is that only a handful of Western films are released in China each year and luckily, Jessica normally falls into that world. 

📱 Our mission here was simple, keep her channels active and consistently engaged with her fans in China through the release of The 355. Mission accomplished.

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain Weibo

One of many posts we shared on Jessica's Weibo to help her connect with her Chinese fans globally

Jessie J

Jessie J

🏆 East Goes Global was launched after Andrew (Founder) went to China with Jessie J in 2017-2018 where she went on to win a TV program.

📈 During this time, Andrew grew Jessie J’s Chinese channels to over 500K+ followers in under 4.5 months.

📰 Fast-forward to the launch of East Goes Global and the team landed her on the cover of K!ND Magazine w/ Chinese superstar, Fan Chengcheng (K!ND’s #1 selling magazine).
📺 We also brought Jessie back to Chinese TV by securing Jessie a slot on Hunan TV's hit show, ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ (百变大咖秀).

Jessie J
Jessie J Press
Jessie J TV Show

Jessie J interview in Billboard about China (Left)
Jessie J's promo for 'Your Face Sounds Familiar (Right)



👕 keshi's run with us has been nothing but monumental. We launched a multi-brand store across WeChat, Red, and Douyin to sell merchandise we designed and manufactured locally to keshi’s Chinese fans.
💰 We were able to leverage keshi’s millions of followers (that our team garnered) to promote the launch of our social commerce stores which led to a full sell-out of merchandise.

📦 During this merch run, we sourced local design, distribution, fulfillment, manufacturing, and customer service partners to begin driving sales in mainland China.
🏅 It was a massive success all around.

keshi Merch

A look into keshi's Chinese storefronts, merch, and sales channels

We'll help you reach 1.5B+ people.




Ninja's meteoric launch on Bilibili
(the YouTube of China w/ 300M+ users)

🎮 Ninja is known as one of the most-followed/popular eSports gamers in the world but before us, he had no Chinese channels. 

👾 To streamline all that he was doing across long-form video production, we recommended launching his Bilibili account.

🚀 After a monumental channel launch across his first Chinese platform ever, we saw 10k+ followers and 50k+ channel views virtually overnight.

📣 Bilibili was even gracious enough to offer front-page banners alongside his launch.

Olly Murs.jpg
Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Olly talks about China and how
'Take That' has 4B+ streams in China

🏆 Olly Murs is 'Bigger than Drake in China'

🥇 Our run with Olly has been a VERY fun one. We've activated nearly every single channel that Olly is across today. 

🤝 On top of that, we were able to cross the threshold of 200K followers on NetEase and 700K followers on QQ shortly after reactivating his accounts.

👑 Alongside channel management, we led the hashtag impression growth for #ollymurs# to 6.5M on Weibo. Today, Olly is 'bigger than Drake in China'

One Republic



One of OneRepublic's many well wishes to their Chinese fans globally.

👀 OneRepublic’s team brought us on right before their 2024 China tour. With the tour, we were able to generate over 2 billion views on tour-related content across their Chinese social channels. 

👑 With our tailored content and recommendations geared toward the Chinese audience, OneRepublic’s performance metrics outshine those of typical Western artists or bands.

📈 Today, we've helped their latest releases secure amazing promo across China's premier DSPs (NetEase + QQ Music). Most recently, we've seen an increase in followers by 126% in just under 6-months.

It's 2024... The time to connect with China is now.

Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant

🤝 Ryan and his team are absolute blasts to work with. Through our partnership over the years, we have positioned him as the #1 Western real estate agent in China.

💰 Leveraging his viral success, we've driven countless listings and tours with Chinese buyers + sellers.


🚀 We've garnered him hundreds of thousands of followers, and boosted Ryan Serhant’s digital presence and resonance in China, achieving 10's of millions of views and millions of likes across platforms.

🤴 With over 100K followers on Xiaohongshu, Ryan Serhant has established a significant presence, rivaling even domestic creators. 

Ryan Serhant

The start of an incredible run on Chinese socials for Ryan and his team. 

Shawn Mendes.jpg
Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

👑 Excitingly, we have worked with Shawn for years. We launched his Netease Music, QQ Music, Weibo, and Douyin channels and grew his following to 4 million adoring fans.

👀 On top of numerous posts reaching millions of views, both, his music and films being promoted, we've been able to lead hashtag impression growth to 640M+ on both Douyin and Weibo...

👕 Up next, fans are beyond excited for his upcoming local merch giveaway for the 5-year anniversary of his debut album.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn promoting his film, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile to his Chinese fans globally. The film was released in China



🏆 Our team launched Sidemen’s China presence and catapulted them to the Top 10% of all gaming creators and the Top 2.3% of all lifestyle creators on Bilibili (the YouTube of China).

🚀 With the launch, we drove their Bilibili following to 12k+ followers, hitting 175K+ video views and 20K likes within a short window. Their content was frequently featured in Bilibili’s “Comedy Lab” campaign.

🤗 Today, Sidemen has become one of the most engaging Western YouTuber groups on Chinese social platforms.


With 20M+ subscribers on YouTube, you can imagine Bilibili's reaction to getting Sidemen on their platform... Here's their launch video.

Send us your info and we'll be in touch ASAP.

Sofi Tukker.jpg
Sofi Tukker


Sofi Tukker

🌎 Not only do we love their music, but we love how much they love their Chinese fans across the world.


📈 With our help, we were able to launch Sofi Tukker's Netease Music, QQ Music, WeChat, and Douyin and continue to see 150%-200% follower growth and engagement numbers MoM.

🚀 We've grown their hashtag impressions to millions of views and despite their WeChat channel being one of their newer channels, their top post already has 100k+ views.

Sofi Tukker is always showing support to their Chinese fans. Here's one of the many videos showcasing the love they have.

The Chainsmokers.jpg
The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers Award
Bilibili Award

Bilibili award for three top trending videos (Left)
NetEase Music award for the Top 10 Song of All-Time (Right)

🌏 The Chainsmokers, like everywhere else in the world, are HUGE in China. 

🚀 Since diving into our partnership with their team, we've doubled their social following, and have received two awards from Bilibili (YouTube of China w/ 300M+ users) and NetEase Music (Spotify of China w/ 600M+ users).

💰 Today, not only do they have a combined following of 5.95M+ across 6 Chinese social channels, but their songs have BILLIONS of streams.

📰 Now, we are seeing consistent inbound from Chinese brands, press outlets, venues, and potential collaborators.

The Weeknd.jpg
The Weeknd

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

The Weeknd's launch across Chinese channels was meteoric. Here's a glimpse into the beginning.

🚀 We were fortunate enough to launch The Weeknd’s NetEase Music, QQ Music, and Douyin channels (The TikTok of China w/ 750M users) and even scaled his following to millions of followers.

📈 Through our promotion on NetEase Music, we helped solidify 6 of the The Weeknd’s tracks from Dawn FM on NetEase’s trending charts 3+ months.

👀 Across socials, we led the hashtag impression campaign for #theweeknd and were able to accumulate 180M impressions on Douyin (TikTok of China)

🏆 With us, we saw 31% YoY growth across his channels.

We're ready when you are.

Troye Sivan.jpg
Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan

💰 We helped Troye Sivan and his team turn China into a Top 3 revenue-generating market with a fanbase of 13M+ followers... Today, he is one of the most-followed Western artists across Chinese.

🥇 We have been awarded multiple awards from Douyin, Weibo, and across his newest channel, WeChat. All awards were presented to Troye for being a top creator across each of these platforms. 

🕯 Today, we have shifted our focus to his brand, Tsu Lange Yor, where we'll be running channels & distribution in the market. He is looking to take over the luxury home product space with candles, oils, diffusers, and more incredible products that you NEED in your home.

Troye Sivan

Troye announcing the launch of his brand Tsu Lange Yor (Left)
2022 award for Top Artist on Douyin
(TikTok of China w/ 800M+ users) (Right)

Troye Sivan Announcement


🤝 Our first of many partnerships with WeChat (1.3B+ users / China's everything tool) was a live stream concert with Westlife which reached 28M+ viewers - READ MORE HERE

🚀 Our team leveraged the WeChat concert to breathe new life into the legendary status of Westlife in China increasing their social following by more than 50% to 7.8M+ followers today.

↩️ In 2024 alone, they've sold out an arena tour and are heading back to China this summer to do another historic run in China, one of the many markets that love them so much.

Westlife Press

One of the COUNTLESS unique pieces of content Westlife shoots exclusively for their Chinese fans globally.

Whitney Houston.jpg
Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston Award

One many videos we've shared to Whitney's channels receiving 100s of thousands of views (Left)
WeChat award received for having a top channel w/ 18M+ views (Right)

👑 We are HONORED to work with and continue to work with Whitney Houston's Estate. With our partnership, we've launched WHE’s channels on WeChat, Weibo, RED, NetEase Music, QQ Music, and Douyin...

📈 Our team has achieved over 24M+ video views and 287K+ engagements within a year solely on WeChat... Making it her standout channel.

🚀 In our first 6-months, we saw a growth of 62K+ followers.

🥇 Most recently, Whitney's team/WeChat channel was awarded the 2023 WeChat Channel Outstanding Creator.

Will Smith.jpg
Will Smith

Will Smith

 🤝 Where to begin... We've worked with Will and his team since 2019. Meaning, we have helped him connect with his adoring Chinese fans for 5+ years. 

✈️ We've been to China with him and his team and helped him launch on both Weibo + Douyin reaching 3.4M+ new followers.

🍿 Our team has worked with him to promote his films such as Gemini Man and the iconic Bad Boys films, and also worked directly alongside him and Tencent for the release of one of Tencent's premier games, UNDAWN where we created amazing unique content pieces.

🥇 He's been the #1 Western creator on Weibo and even broke the Top 10 on Douyin across even DOMESTIC channels with his launch.

Will Smith

Will launching his Weibo channel with pronunciation help from one of our team members, Frida.

Jessie J

"Working with East Goes Global has no doubt kept the connection between myself and my fans in China genuine and strong when I can’t be there physically. The care and attention to detail they have is incredible, and key in bridging two different cultures together in celebration on a social platform. The Chinese market is one of a kind and the love and support my fans have shown me and continue to show me there is undeniable. East Goes Global captures that energy for me to see and feel and in return supports and helps me in finding ways to show them how much love and respect I have for them too.”

Let's turn on the tap to a completely untapped market.

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