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Social Media management

Label Services

Data Analytics Strategy

• Create, verify, & manage digital verticals

• Identify a digital presence

• Connect w/ 1.5 BILLION people

• Music, film, and IP distribution

• Market your work to China

• Collect on earnings

• Transparency into market

• Proprietary reporting platform

• Keep tabs on everything

Branding & Merchandising


• Brand positioning & market entry

• Product ideation & creation

• Campaign execution

• Have you ever been to Beijing?

• No? We'd love to send you there.

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HITS Daily Double


"Working with Andrew and East Goes Global has no doubt kept the connection between myself and my fans in China genuine and strong when I can’t be there physically. The care and attention to detail they have is incredible, and key in bridging two different cultures together in celebration on a social platform. The Chinese market is one of a kind and the love and support my fans have shown me and continue to show me there is undeniable. East Goes Global captures that energy for me to see and feel and in return supports and helps me in finding ways to show them how much love and respect I have for them too.

Jessie J

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