We help Western businesses expand into China.

All backed by our very own data + analytics platform, helping you navigate the space - easily and transparently 🇨🇳

Our one-stop agency will help you lift the veil on the largest market in the world.

Finally, track your growth in one dedicated place 📈

Analyze your traction with real-time, transparent data and analytics.

See how you stack up against competition 🏆

Follower & Engagement analysis... Track both, monitor your competition, and stay ahead of the game.

Understand what is happening on the other side of the world... Finally 😌

Track your most engaged posts, liked posts, and all that's happening in the largest market in the world...

Let us be your translators, you don't have to learn 中文...

... and we'll do all of the heavy lifting 🏋️

Build your business in China.

✔️ - We cover everything from marketing to branding, merchandising, and sourcing.

Capitalize on the largest consumer market in the world.

✔️ - It is time to think globally and get in front of 1.5B+ people... A $5.7T consumer space.

Track your data - easily + transparently.

✔️ - Monitor all that is happening in a siloed market without being in the market.

Great work begins with reliable data 📊

We're tracking and monitoring China's largest social and streaming platforms with over 4 billion daily users.

No more juggling between different platforms + tools.

Did we mention that we track competitors?

Here's what our clients are saying...

"Working with East Goes Global has no doubt kept the connection between myself and my fans in China genuine and strong when I can’t be there physically. The care and attention to detail they have is incredible, and key in bridging two different cultures together in celebration on a social platform. The Chinese market is one of a kind and the love and support my fans have shown me and continue to show me there is undeniable. East Goes Global captures that energy for me to see and feel and in return supports and helps me in finding ways to show them how much love and respect I have for them too.”

Jessie J, English Singer/Songwriter + Entrepreneur 🎙️
followers in China
return on investment

"... showed us the importance and value of prioritizing the market in the way we set up our releases."

"Andrew and the East Goes Global team have done an amazing job helping FADER Label navigate our releases in China and other Asian markets. They have built the strategy and marketing plans for our artists in the territory and really showed us the importance and value of prioritizing the market in the way we set up our releases."

Jon Cohen, co-Founder & co-CEO @ The FADER, Fader Label, Cornerstone Agency 📰

"EGG's expertise in establishing a presence across China is second to none..."

"In today’s digitally connected world, discovery trends and consumption momentum can jump-start from anywhere and carry over across different platforms to the home market seemingly overnight. EGG's expertise in establishing an Artist's presence across China and other Asian markets and developing localized audiences is second to none, and I look forward to continuing to work with them."

Michael Pukownik, Head of Genre Marketing @ Amazon Music 🎵

Here's all that we do ⬇️

The Platform

It's time to lift the veil on China. Use our proprietary platform to track data + analytics all in one easy-to-read secure space.


Social media management, advertising, channel verifications, influencer campaigns, project management, ideation, execution.

Branding + Merchandising

The key to selling in China is via Social Commerce, a $300B+ market. With 150M+ followers across Chinese platforms, we are pros in working the space.


We've brought our clients millions... Leverage our network of connections to create brand deals, sponsorships, monetized partnerships, and more.

Music Distribution

We're netting our clients between $2,000-$3,000/million streams... In CHINA. Finally, it's time to monetize.


From subtitling work to translating and full-on production, we’re here to create world-class content for China.

Finally... the secret to success in China you've been looking for.

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