We are the world's leading Western agency working to lift the veil on China 🇨🇳

What We Do

We take Western businesses and develop them in China.

From marketing support to licensing, to selling your brand, we assist you and your team in building your business in the largest consumer market in the world.

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Meet the team

Andrew Spalter
Matthew Spalter
Patrick Steijlen
Cameron Blocker
Kayleigh Hradil
Rachel Li
Frank Zhang
Xi Zhang
Yihang Yang
Heidi Leung
Castiel Zhang
Angela Lu
Joyce Zhang
Johnny Wu
Xinyu Wang
Casper Chen
Benjamin Gordon
Bessie Lyu


We built our business on transparency. We operate in a siloed market the need to communicate openly and honestly about our work and progress is paramount to our team.


We are spread between LA, Austin, NY, Europe, Shanghai and Beijing, global inclusion is part of our nature. Thinking globally and acting locally is our MO.


We set expectations, manage those expectations, and exceed our goals. Let us align to exceed yours.

It's time to bring your business to China.

We’re here to help.
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Establish and manage a presence for you and your brand
Market your micro work on a macro level.
Distinctively promote yourself, your product, and your brand.
Utilize our proprietary data +analytic platform to lift the veil on the fastest-growing consumer market in the world.