The Phoenix Suns

The Suns own the NBA's highest winning percentage. 11 Hall of Famers have played for Phoenix, while two — Barkley and Nash — won NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) while playing for the team. Additionally, their Hall of Fame radio announcer Al McCoy is the longest-tenured broadcaster in NBA history.

Here's how we helped the Phoenix Suns become a Top 5 most-engaged NBA team in China.

• We've made the Suns one of the Top 5 most-engaged NBA Teams in China (Originally from Top 20)
• Due to the rise of the Suns' popularity in China they have been garnering Sponsorship deals left and right
• We've increased weekly impressions by 5M+/wk.
• Increased posting cadence by 110 posts/wk.
• Increased video views by 900K/wk.
• Executed the first unique media day China campaign for the Phoenix Suns creating a viral moment on Weibo
• Led a successful CNY campaign with one of China's most-followed Douyin creators that went viral on Douyin
• Hosted numerous giveaway campaigns

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