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We've catapulted ourselves into a league of our own. This comes from representing the top Western talent in China for the last 5-years. Leverage our network of connections to create brand deals, sponsorships, monetized partnerships, and more.

We've brought our clients millions... Leverage our network of connections to create brand deals, sponsorships, monetized partnerships, and more.

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In December 2021, East Goes Global was also responsible for organizing Westlife’s first online concert on WeChat, which was a massive success, to say the least.

For most Millennials and Zoomers in China who were introduced to the Backstreet Boys and Westlife by their school teachers, both bands have accompanied them throughout their youth.

“OMG, Backstreet + Westlife! I’m wide awake upon hearing this news,” gushed a fan on WeChat.

“Two gods performing on the same stage? Do I deserve to watch this? I must have saved the planet in my last life,” reads another fan’s hyperbolic comment.

Founded by Andrew Spalter, East Goes Global is making a splash in the entertainment industry by connecting big-name brands, celebrities, athletes, and entertainers — such as Will Smith, Jessie J, and John Legend — with the Chinese market.

As the tour manager for Jessie J when she competed (and won!) in the sixth season Chinese singing competition Singer, Spalter traveled to China for the first time in 2017. On this trip, Spalter discovered Chinese social media platforms and marketing strategies — an experience that inspired him to found East Goes Global.

“That’s what really opened my eyes to how disconnected we were from China as a whole,” he tells RADII.

Given the strict Covid-19 travel restrictions in China, Spalter sees such partnerships as a means to fill a gap in the market by essentially bringing live concerts into people’s homes.

When asked what he expects from the event, Spalter shared, “I’m stoked. The Westlife event reached 28 million concurrent users, so I hope that this event will reach even more. We’ll see — fingers crossed.”

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