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Understanding China’s social media landscape from the 10,000’ view is simple.


Despite not having access to a majority of Western platforms, China possesses its very own exclusive ecosystem of channels that are unavailable outside its borders. Just as in the US, these verticals are essential for engaging with and capitalizing on 1.3+ billion potential Chinese consumers. Having a team of Chinese Social Media experts ensuring your channels are properly launched/verified, and that your content is being collected, localized, and delivered in alignment with US-based channels are all things that are crucial to obtaining success within the space.

Key Service breakdown

Channel launch & verification

Simply put, launching and verifying a Chinese social account is far more difficult than you think. East Goes Global will work with you and your team to send/receive verification codes, submit authorization forms, and make sure that all materials are being securely delivered to Chinese platforms directly.

account management

East Goes Global maintains every aspect of your account, not only making sure that your content is shared in a professional and timely manor, but also that your channels are engaging with and responding to fans just as you would on your western channels.


East Goes Global is composed of individuals working together focused on a single mission, to bridge the gap. Our team possesses a wide range of linguistic, production, management, and execution skillsets with a vast knowledge of the local territory. We work to provide each and every one of our clients with everything they need to tap into China's vast market.

Ad spend / Marketing

As much as we prefer to take an organic and holistic approach to growing our clients accounts, many times in china social media is pay-for-play. It is our job to make sure that money goes as far as humanly possible.

Monthly Reports

When it comes to your investing time and effort into China, one of the most inaccessible digital markets in the world, transparency is ne

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