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July 21st | What's Trending in China

East Goes Global | What’s Trending in China

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Welcome to our Weekly Rundown!

🇨🇳 China’s top social trends, weekly 🚀

by Chenyu Guan - Chongqing, China


1 | “Hot Boy Dance”  Link

Although this trend is literally called, "Hot Boy Dance", it is used as a cute way to show off your significant other. Try it out, and watch your #'s grow!

*DISCLAIMER*: This has a serious chance for virality.


2 | “Manga and Fluorescent Line” Link

This new trend is spreading like wildfire! This effect morphs together a manga and fluorescent lined version of the photo submitted and combines them together to create your photo. Something great to note about this trend is all you'd need are 4-6 photos and Douyin will do the rest!

*MUSIC PLUG*: The beauty about this trend is that you can use ANY song you'd like... Cough cough... SELF PROMO.


3 | “Dark Horse” - Katy Perry - Link

Think you have what it takes to show off your vocal ability on Douyin? If so, send in your BEST run and we'll let the TikTok of China decide. Good to note that even celebs from across China have even been partaking in this one.


1 | #李子柒夏天的味道# | Li Ziqi's Summer Flavors

Food influencer Li Ziqi is back at it again sharing her favorite summer dishes in this recent video. This isn't only about delicious traditional Chinese Summer foods, but its also meant to remind you of your childhood. So, we want to know: What was your goto Summer food back in the day?

Share it with us, we'll share it with your fans, and we're sure they'll eat it up... Pun intended.


2 | #电影推荐# | Movie Watch-List

The time has come. Theaters and Cinemas across China have officially opened their doors! People are creating their own must-see lists and sharing them with their followers. The great thing about this initiative is that it doesn't have share only new films. It simply highlights what you want to watch. Make a list, share it with the world, reap the rewards.


3 | #滤镜下明星的样子# | What Celebrities Look Like With Camera Filters

Okay this is a fun one and probably the easiest of the bunch. Shoot a video with your favorite TikTok/IG filter speaking into the camera and boom, you've done it. Fans want to see normalcy and you having a good time. Think of how funny it is watching SNL and seeing the actors laugh at their own skits... BRB, going to load up old SNL skits on YouTube.


Have a great rest of your week!

East Goes Global

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