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September 11th | What's Trending in China

East Goes Global | What’s Trending in China

Friday, September 11th, 2020


Welcome to our Weekly Rundown!

🇨🇳 What's Trending in China, Weekly 🚀

by Xu Haiwei - Shenzhen, China

1) Tencent Weibo will be shutting down as Sino Weibo continues to control the microblogging market.

2) China’s reusable spacecraft research experiences a breakthrough as they successfully launch and land experimental craft.

3) Baidu’s Apollo Go Robotaxi service kicks of in Beijing with the release of 40 robotaxis.

4) Food delivery services in China are rethinking their system with growing safety concerns for delivery drivers.

5) A new “data security initiative” has been presented in China as a response to international concerns.

6) Huawei will be switching to their own operating system, Harmony, in 2021.

7) Huawei is making efforts to popularize smart glasses as they work with the South Korean eyewear brand, Gentle Monster.


Have a great rest of your week 🚀

East Goes Global

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