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November 19th | What's Trending in China

East Goes Global | What’s Trending in China - Thursday, November 19th, 2020

🇨🇳 What's Trending in China, Weekly 🚀

Photo: Alibaba

1) This year’s Singles Day celebration in China was an all around success, with international luxury brands seeing record sales of $74 billion.

2) Aspiring influencers are flocking to live-streaming e-commerce as it becomes more influential in online sales.

3) As Tencent's profits continue to surge, they are working with new anti-trust regulations to promote innovation in the industry.

4) Baidu will be acquiring Joyy's live-streaming service to catch up in the gaming industry.

5) The Nov. 12th ban on TikTok will not go into effect as the details of next steps and their deal with Oracle and Walmart are unclear.

6) Tencent Music Entertainment holds strong in Q3 report as subscribers grew by 9.8%.

7) Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group is increasing their investment in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship, as well as host the “G-League” in 2021.


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