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May 3rd | What's Trending in China

East Goes Global | What’s Trending in China - Monday, May 3rd, 2021

🇨🇳 What's Trending in China, Weekly 🚀

Photo: Music Business Worldwide

Here's another week of What's Trending in China...

1) Following China’s recent antitrust crackdown, Tencent Music Entertainment is facing major fines and may be forced to sell two of its music streaming apps.

2) PayPal is facing an uphill battle as they gear up to expand into China.

3) China has its first ‘plus-size’ boyband: Produce Pandas.

4) ByteDance and Tencent have new financial regulations as China works to regulate its big tech companies.

5) Wuhan is holding their annual Strawberry Music Festival this year in person with reduced numbers.


Have a great rest of your week 🚀

East Goes Global

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