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March 15th | What's Trending in China

East Goes Global | What’s Trending in China - Monday, March 15th, 2021 🇨🇳 What's Trending in China, Weekly 🚀

Photo: Jing Daily Here's another week of 'What's Trending in China'...

1) Douyin is changing China’s music industry, upending the control major labels have had.

2) With its growing popularity in China, Esports partnerships may be key for luxury brands to reach Millennials and Gen-Z consumers.

3) ByteDance is looking to diversify by breaking into the gaming industry.

4) LinkedIn, one of the few Western social networking sites in China, has suspended new sign-ups as it works to follow local laws.

5) After a rerelease in China, 'Avatar' is once again the highest grossing film worldwide.


Have a great rest of your week 🚀 East Goes Global

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