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Nu Sound - East Goes Global bridges the Chinese and U.S. Music Industries

“There has never been a better time than now to begin focusing on the Chinese entertainment market. In music, China has moved up to the #10 largest music market in the entire world.”East Goes Global Founder Andrew Spalter

QQ Music, Kugou Music, Xiami, NetEase Cloud Music

Most artists that operate within the U.S. don’t make enough to live off streaming service but combined with social media efforts, online sales can complement any streaming profits. What most also don’t know is that they could be easily be making additional sales in China. While it seems to be unclear how much per stream NetEase pays artists, being able to sell albums directly helps promote all kinds of artists in a country that doesn’t have our traditional social media and streaming platforms. East Goes Global is a successful company that takes a multitude of U.S. artists and develops their brand into China’s social media and streaming services.

By doing so, East Goes Global brings their clients a huge influx of brand and music visibility via streaming and socials that most don’t even know exists. The table below displays the amount of users (in millions) for the top four streaming services in China.

East Goes Global founder and Chinese social media and streaming expert Andrew Spalter had this to say about NetEase. “Costs vary within NetEase since users can pay to download music, but something that sets this all apart is the opportunity to buy albums or singles multiple times over. You can buy a song 100 times if you love it and want to support the artist.”

Also one of the most connected countries in the world, China has roughly over 1 billion active social media users across 3 or so apps that compare to our Instagram and Facebook. That number alone should be enough to convince anyone to get started building in China. Although it may seem simple like building a brand in the U.S., completely understanding how each app is correctly used and the obvious language barrier it what keeps artists from succeeding. Luckily, Andrew Spalter recognized this dire need and created East Goes Global, working with an array of clients to get them started.

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