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We built our platform back in 2020 to help our Project Managers become more efficient. It started as a tool that automatically downloaded Instagram posts (the West), translated the captions, and shared them to our clients' Weibo channels (the East). Back then, we thought to ourselves... "Imagine if we released this tool publicly, pairing with all of China's top platforms, and lifted the veil on the entire digital market."... That was 3-years ago. After a huge tech build, a bit of fundraising, some sleepless nights, and a WHOLE lot of reporting, we bring to you, V1.

It's time to lift the veil on China. Use our proprietary platform to track data + analytics all in one easy-to-read secure space.

• Finally, track your growth in China in one dedicated place 📈
Analyze your traction with real-time, transparent data and analytics.
• See how you stack up against competition 🏆
Follower + engagement analysis... Track both, monitor your
competition, and stay ahead of the game.
• Understand what is happening on the other side of the world... Finally 😌
Track your most engaged posts, liked posts, and all that's happening in the largest market in the world.

It's time to bring your business to China.

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