To the Musicians, Artists, Managers, and International Marketing Executives...

This is for those who want to capitalize on the 6th largest music market in the world with 90% of revenue coming in from streams.


DSP Management & Marketing

The Tencent channels of QQ, Kugou, Kuwo Music, and separately, NetEase Music, have a global reach of 1.4 billion users. The beauty about these channels is that they each have social feeds built directly into verified accounts. This allows artists to connect directly with their fans through text, photo, video posts, and so much more. All driving streams directly from the artist to the consumer.


Social Media Management

East Goes Global is the leading Social Media Management company creating, managing, and developing your client’s digital presence.

  • Weibo | Douyin | Bilibili | Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)

  • Platform Verifications

  • English -> 中文 Translations

  • Multimedia Subtitling

  • Content Curation/Localization

  • Social Listening

  • Fan Engagement (Comments, DM Support)

  • Influencer/KOL Marketing

  • Ad Spend Campaigns

  • Monthly Reporting (Reviews, KPIs, Goals)


Influencer Marketing

We can activate a network of > 100 million followers obsessed with the entertainment world.

Working with countless KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) & Influencers, we can drive highly engaging marketing campaigns direct to countless Chinese consumers.



In today’s world, engaging with a market locally through Social Commerce and Development is necessary for anyone looking to build a successful brand.

  • Brand Positioning & Market Entry

  • Market & Consumer Research

  • Social Listening

  • Brand/Campaign Concept Development

  • Social Content Creation

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Brand Sponsorship Sourcing, Negotiation, and Representation

  • IP Sourcing

  • Celebrity/KOL (Influencer) Outreach



Each month we’ll provide your team with real-time data through analytics and social listening showcasing your client’s growth. Our reports are so accurate that you’ll feel as if you’re running the accounts.

Monthly analytic reports highlighting work across all channels.

A working checklist of future goals for strategic execution.

Growth trends & KPI review for future scope of work.

Reviewing previous and future working months on strategy calls.

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