Frequently Asked Questions

Being based in LA, how does your team work across borders?

Our team is spread between Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shanghai. With boots on the ground across all markets, we are localization pros that understand both territories on a deep-rooted cultural level.

How do I know if my myself, my client, or my brand is tracking in China? 

We pride ourselves on transparency. Before diving into ANYTHING, we like to perform Audits complete with screenshots, social listening, and impression overviews that let our future clients view exactly how 'known' they are in market.

How does EGG pricing work?

We have a 3-tiered service that is separated by our clients' needs. While some of our clients prefer the passive approach through 'content mirroring/translating', others like to have us be a bit more hands-on and assist in local sales, distribution, fan-engagement, and so much more. 

What if a service I need is not listed on the site?

Simply reach out because chances are we do it. China is a world of its own and if we listed every single thing/platform we do/work across, we don't think you'd find this part of the site...

Can you work a one-off project?

We don't offer this as an option. We usually see significant growth results around the 6-month mark and are confident that this is a good starting point for anyone who would like to develop a brand presence in China. After all, you wouldn't launch an Instagram or YouTube and post a handful of times and expect to see a return in 30-days, would you?

What are EGG’s privacy and security policies?

We pride ourselves on security & transparency. Upon creation of channels we immediately provide the logins/passwords to client accounts. After all, they're yours, not ours. We've seen the nightmare people go through when a Social Media company refuses to give an account back and being open from the start of our working relationship restricts this. 

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