Brand Development

The tl;dr

As you can probably imagine, navigating China can be extremely tricky without the right partner. As an independent market with cultural and linguistic barriers, it is important to have a team that understands the ins and outs of building a business in China.

East Goes Global provides a number of services that include (but are definitely not limited to) Influencer/KOL campaigns, Market Development, Social Listening, and much more. All working towards helping you and your team build a strong brand presence, formulate strategic partnerships, and much more in this unique and fertile space.

Services we offer

social media management

Maintaining a strong presence across Chinese Social Media is essential for expanding your brand into China. Thus, it goes without saying that ALL of our Social Media services are available for those interested in brand development. Moreover, consumer brands will have unique access to the following enhanced services:

Enhanced account management

Brands require teams, not just individuals. East Goes Global is comprised of individuals with backgrounds specializing in Branding, Marketing, Social Media Development, and overall execution. Each of our clients gets a designated Project & Content Manager that oversees every move made within market. 

enhanced influencer Marketing

China is one of the Top 3 Consumer Markets in the entire world. A large % of this crazed consumerism stems from KOLs 'Key Opinion Leaders' (our version of influencers). No matter the budget, we work across a network of 1000's of KOLs able to push your brand, product, release, or whatever it is you'd like to push to the top.

enhanced eCommerce support

Need help setting up a WeChat or TMall storefront? Interested in a livestream auction? East Goes Global provides you with the tools and knowledge to help market and sell your merchandise in China, converting your digital traffic into cold hard cash.

strategic partnerships

At East Goes Global, we like to facilitate friendships. We work with you and your brand to build relationships that will maximize your exposure within the China space. Whether it be a front page spread, commercial sponsorship opportunities, or a local-market retail partnership East Goes Global can help take your brand to the next level.


Merchandising & Product development

As you know, China operates on its own wavelength. With cultural nuances, linguistic barriers, and extensive government regulations galore, launching your product in China can be an incredibly daunting endeavor. At East Goes Global, we make China easy. We employ a team of native and international Chinese speakers that understand what works, what doesn't and why. From digital ticket sales and CPGs to luxury goods and gaming software, East Goes Global helps you build a successful China-friendly product.